Doctors save lives. DeepScribe saves doctors.

Join DeepScribe and be a part of the next technological transition in health care - voice. Our goal is to empower physicians with the tools they need to improve both efficiency and efficacy, and better patient outcomes by increasing the clarity, trust, and understanding they have with their physician.

Our first product, an AI medical scribe, mimics near-human level intelligence by parsing through medical conversations and creating detailed visit summaries for physicians. With this ambient scribe technology, we have been able to save up to 3 hours a day for physicians. But this is just the beginning - come join our energetic, fast-moving team as challenge the status quo in the bogged-down health care industry, and re-think the future of practicing and receiving medicine.

Job Description

As an iOS engineer at DeepScribe, you’ll be constantly thinking about how you can take the most complex, time-consuming tasks out there for physicians and turn them into simple, seamless, AI and voice-powered interfaces.

Our entire ecosystem is shaped around iOS. Our doctors use our iPhone or Watch apps to record their patient interactions and review our AI-generated notes. Hospital administration can monitor their practice through our iOS device management portal. Our in-house medical scribes use our iPad app to train the AI. Each area has its own set of challenges and you’ll be at the forecenter of them. As an iOS engineer at a rapidly growing startup, you’ll not only have a huge say in the image of our product that both our customers see - every line of code you right will be core to a physician's day-to-day workflow.


  • 3+ Years of Experience in writing native production level iOS applications
  • Strong foundation in Xcode + Swift
  • Working with native libraries and integrating 3rd party libraries should be second nature
  • Mastery of Interface Builder and Autolayout


  • Manage 3 applications for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch
  • Lead sprints with our AI and back-end teams to bring new features to physicians
  • Constantly orchestrate plans with our engineers to create a bug-free experience
  • Work with our leadership to streamline our UI/UX
  • Mentor/lead junior engineers